Training Writing HR Policy and Procedures

Description Training Writing HR Policy and Procedures :

The purpose of the policies and procedures is to provide employers, human resources director, manager and human resources supervisor with a systematic approach to administrating HR policies and procedures

Company HR policies and procedures set a standard of conduct, create system to deal with complaints, reduce faulty of communication, and ensure consistency in discipline, safety, and work rules. Moreover, written procedures help you to avoid charges of favoritism on the one hand and unfairness and discrimination on the other. Written policies and procedures help you create and maintain a happier, more satisfied and more productive workforce.

We design this training program with the objective to equip the participants with the ability to develop/write HR policies and procedures.

Other Benefits

By attending this workshop, participants will

  • Have a broader knowledge of various definition related to policies and procedures]
  • Understand the benefits of having written policies and procedures
  • Have the same format
  • Be able to determine what policies and procedures should be put in writing
  • Understand signs that a policy need to be revised
  • Understand do and don’t in writing effective policies and procedures
  • Get a lot of examples.



  • HR People (Managers, Supervisors, Staff)

HR Policies and Procedures  Training Agenda:

  1. Introduction / Background
    • Workshop objectives
  2. Basic Definition
    • ·   Rule
    • Regulation
    • Guideline
    • Policy
    • Procedure
  3. Why Have Policies and Procedures?
  4. Benefits of Written Policies and Procedures
  5. Various Example of Policies and Procedures
  6. Policies and Procedures Users
  7. Types of Policies
  8. Policies and Procedures Format
  9. Format Explanation
  10. What Policies and Procedures Should be Put in Writing
  11. Steps in Developing Policies and Procedures
  12. Do and Don’t in Writing Policies and Procedures
  13. Closing (Summary and Conclusion).


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