Training Total Quality Management

INTRODUCTION Training Total Quality Management :

In the mid-1980s and early 1990s, many businesses and organizations were squeezed by global competition and increasing customer expectations, where customers demanded quality in both products and services and would not hesitate to take their business to those firms that were mindful of these expectations.

An increasingly networked economy has served to exacerbate the situation and TQM has emerged as a company-wide management framework for responding to these needs.

Founded on the three principles of customer focus, process focus, and

people focus, this approach took account of the entire organization integrated around a strategic quality plan-a proactive plan for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

In the last 15 years, quality management has become integrated into the practices of manifold firms. Given the pervasiveness of TQM implementation, firms no longer make a big show of implementing quality programs; they just do it! TQM itself has evolved and broadened to include such keywords as the learning organization and knowledge management. In short, to meet the demands of today’s customers, it is crucial that every firm adopt an integrative view of its processes as captured by the framework of TQM.


  • Understand the Total Quality Management concept and principles and the various tools available to achieve Total Quality Management.
  • Understand continual improvement, customer satisfaction, process improvement and total organizational involvement.
  • Understand the Human Factor in Quality
  • Understand both technical and philosophical issues surrounding quality management
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques in appropriate ways to investigate and ultimately resolve product or service quality concerns
  • Evaluate the use of TQM initiatives, tools, and techniques in an organization


  1. Introduction
  2. Historical review
  3. Quality definition
  4. dimensions of quality
  5. TQM principles: customer focus, process focus, people focus
  6. Barriers to TQM implementation
  7. Successful factors for TQM implementation
  8. Human factor in quality
  9. Quality control circle
  10. Pdca cycle & 7 quality tools


  1. Officials who are responsible forContinuous Improvement
  2. Managers and Supervisors who areinvolved ininterdepartmentalactivities
  3. Managers and Supervisors fromalldepartments(frontoffice, back office, operations)
  4. Everyone whois interestedwithTQM

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