While understanding of supply market has improved, there  needs to be better  understanding in contracting authorities of the suppliers and the markets in which they operate and how these shape the nature and availability of goods or services used by these authorities. Supply market analysis is a technique  which  enables a  contracting  authority to understand how a market works, the direction in which a market is heading, the competitiveness of a market, the key suppliers and the value that suppliers place on the contracting authority as a customer. This can help inform, improve and shape the tendering process leading to improved  procurement outcomes such as  better  value for money or service, reduced prices or achieving whole of government outcomes.




1.    Conducting the analysis of supply market

2.    Analytical framework for supply market analysis

The information gathered during the research phase can be analysed using the supply market analysis framework which provides a structure for the analysis. This framework  can be used to  examine the supply market for a good or service and focuses on five key areas;

3.    Better knowledge of supplier strategy

Understanding how individual suppliers  operate, their market position, why they want to deal with the  contracting authority and  understanding their longer term goals  helps  obtain value for money. Analysing supply markets may:

4.    Manage risk for the contracting authority

5.    More informed contracting authority

One of the aims of the procurement management reform process is  to help create a more informed contracting authority. With market analysis, the  contracting authority understands how  technology and other factors are driving changes in the market for the particular goods or services it requires. The contracting authority  understands how goods and services are priced and how service quality and standards are set by suppliers. Contracting authorities  who understand markets and suppliers are better able to develop tenders which reflect conditions in  that market. Indeedthey are able to help develop the market or suppliers so it can provide the goods or services necessary to the functioning of the  contracting authority. They are also able to deal with suppliers on a more equal basis when contracts are in place.

6.    Allow for the identification of opportunities to advance government priorities

Government policy requires value for money outcomes from procurement and this can include achieving whole of Government objectives. Procurement can assist in the development of environmental or social initiatives or it can become a force for innovation and help support small and medium enterprises to develop their potential.An informed knowledge of the market and the capabilities of suppliers can help bring a  better  approach to achieving whole of government objectives when contracting authorities are tendering. Thus, an informed knowledge of the ICT sector may allow for a tender which seeks an innovative response from the small business  software  sector. A better understanding of changes in environmentally friendly technology could help improve environmental outcomes from procurement.

7.    Competition

8.    Supply Chain




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