Pump Selection Design And Operation For Oil and Gas Surface Production Facilities



After participate in this course, the participants will be able and capable to :


  1. Introduction to Oil and Gas Production Operation
  2. Oil Surface Production Facilities
    • Well Equipments│Pigging System│Separator│Gas Scrubber│Gas Dehydarator│Pumps : Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Diaphragm
  3. Gas Surface Processing Facilities
    • Gas Sweetening│Heat Exchanger│Fractionation, Liquefaction, Refrigeration System│Compressor
  4. Pump Basic Theory
    • Centrifugal Pump│ Conservation of Mass  │Specific Velocity│Pump Performance│Cavitations
  5. Pump Specification
    • Pump Specification│Flow Capacity│Fluid Properties│Head│Net Positive Heads│Rotation Determination and Pump Types│Viscous Fluid Correction│Material Selection│Prime Movers Selection
  6. Pump Application
    • Pump Installation Plan│Pump Application Example
  7. Pump Construction
    • Pump Classification by Impeller│Pump Classification by Casing│Pump Classification by Stage Number│Pump Classification by Axis Position
  8. Pump Operation
    • Head Capacity Curve│Parallel and Serial Operation│Capacity Regulator│Water Hummer│Surging│Pressure Fluctuation│Automatic Operation
  9. Pump Instalation
    • Horizontal Instalation│Vertical Instalation│Submersible Instalation│Pipping System│Vibration and Noise Protection
  10. Pump Maintenance
    • First Inspection│Operation Condition Observation│Safety Instrument│Maintenance Management│Overhaul
  11. Pump Trouble Shooting
    • General Trouble Shooting│Submersible Pump Trouble Shooting

Venue Training:

Jogjakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok


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