Training Procurement Management

Outline Training Procurement Management:

  1. Vendor Selection & Qualification
  2. Vendor Master Data
  3. Global Value Source
  4. Material Master Data
  5. Purchase Requisition
  6. Inquiry Process
  7. Bidding Process
  8. E-Bidding & E-Auction
  9. Negotiation
  10. Price Analysis (OPC &HPD)
  11. Total Cost Of Ownership
  12. Price Comparison Sheet
  13. International Commercial Term
  14. Contract/Framework Agreement
  15. Purchase Order Process
  16. Term and Condition
  17. Code Of Conduct Supplier
  18. Order Confirmation
  19. Shipping arrangement & Control
  20. Import Customs Process
  21. Receiving & Incoming Process
  22. Non Conformity Report
  23. Claim Management
  24. Proposal For Payment Process
  25. Budgetary
  26. Vendor Performance Evaluation
  27. Vendor Control
  28. Harmonize System Code
  29. Procurement Reporting
  30. Non Disclosure Agreement
  31. Just-In-Time Purchasing




Kami dapat menyelenggarakan Public Training ataupun inhouse Training Procurement Management di seluruh wilayah indonesia. Untuk mendapatkan info training Procurement Management serta mendaftarkan diri anda mengikuti training Procurement Management yang akan kami selenggarakan, anda dapat mengirim surel di email kami atau anda dapat pula mengisi formulir pra registrasi yang tersedia dibawah ini. 

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