Training Permit To Work (PTW)


The Permit To Work system is essential for controlling certain types of work that are potentially hazardous. The permit specifies the work to be done, limitations, hazard identification, the precautions to be taken, protective equipment, authorisation etc . Permit To Work (PTW) forms are issued for different activities, i.e. Entry into Confined Spaces, Working at Height, Hot Works etc. The issuing of a permit should be strictly controlled and should only be issued by competent authorised personnel, the permit must also meet the legal organisational requirements. This training course will guide you through the relevant health and safety regulations and provide a practical experience of completing a permit to work form. This module works through the principles behind the Permit to Work system, providing examples of different types of permits and working through some of the general rules to be observed.



By the end of the course delegates will:





  1. Introduction
    • Introduction to course objectives and administrative details.
  2. Legal Responsibilities
    • An introduction to the legal system, including the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and Depnakertrans RI relevant regulations.
  3. Permit to Work (PTW) Key Players
    • An examination of the relationship between those issuing permits and those working under PTW.
  4. PTW documentation
    • A general appraisal on the formwork used during PTW and the importance of an integrated approach to PTW use.
  5. Practical application of PTW
    • A practical based session including the filling in signing and completion of PTW.
  6. Final questions


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