Training NDT (Non Destructive Test)

Objective Training NDT (Non Destructive Test)

After completing this course, the participant should be understand to NDT (Non Destructive Test) technique principles for design and application, manufacturing and plant construction, as well as regular maintenance  purposes.  They will also be able to implement the NDT procedure technique related to daily works in the real plant.


  1. Introduction  Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • CircularMagnetization
    • Hysterisis Loop
    • Solid Magnetic Conductor
  2. Current Requirement
    • Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment
    • Magnetic Particle applications
  3. Introduction Penetrant Testing
    • Equipment and Materials
    • Surface Preparation
    • Penetrant application
  4. Developer Application
    • Final Step in The Penetrant Proses
  5. Workshop Non Destructive Test (NDT)
  6. Aplication of Radiography
    • Penetration and absorption
    • X-ray Equipment
    • Gamma ray Sources
  7. Radiographic Film and Processing Techniques
    • Radiation Can be Hazard to The Human
    • Permissible Radiation Dose
    • Radiation Effect
    • Protection Against Radiation
  8. Basic application of Ultrasonic
    • Ultrasonic Principles
    • Ultrasonic Equipments
    • Mode of Ultrasonic Wake Travel
  9. Couplants and Ultrasonic sound Energy
    • Attenuation, Acoustic, Impedance and Resonance
    • Displaying Ultrasonic Indication
  10. Ultrasonic Transducers and Standard Reference Blocks
    • Immersion Inspection
    • Ultasonic Contact Testing
  11. Application of Contact Testing
    • Nonrelevant Ultrasonic Indications
    • Types of Discontinuities

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