Training Media Communication

Background Training Media Communication

This course is ideal for participants who have limited or no experience with the media and need to understand how the media operates, effectively communicate their messages in the media, start or expand a media/PR career.



  1.  Greater confidence when preparing and delivering media presentations.
  2. Clear understanding of how technical elements can impact on your performance.
  3. Physical and vocal techniques to respond to a variety of media scenarios.
  4. Rehearsal techniques to enhance media presentations.
  5. Performance techniques to deal effectively with difficult questions.
  6. You will learn how to promote your organisation or business using the media as a promotional tool.
  1. Communicating effectively with the media will ensure your organisation’s messages are focused, delivered professionally, and retained by your audiences. Reputations can be protected or recovered when the right messages are delivered in the right way.



  1.   How to ensure your media messages achieve your objective
  2. How to write an effective media release
  3.  How to distribute a media release
  4. How to deliver media messages with confidence
  5. How to deliver media messages naturally
  6. How to take control of a media interview
  7. Avoiding social media pitfalls
  8. How to deal with difficult questions or issues
  9.  How to deal with questions you can’t answer



This course is designed for staff or individuals who have had limited contact with the media, but may be called on to be spokespeople or assist senior spokespeople in a supporting role.



Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation

Kami dapat menyelenggarakan Public Training ataupun inhouse Training Media Communication di seluruh wilayah indonesia. Untuk mendapatkan info training Media Communication serta mendaftarkan diri anda mengikuti training Media Communication yang akan kami selenggarakan, anda dapat mengirim surel di email kami atau anda dapat pula mengisi formulir pra registrasi yang tersedia dibawah ini. 

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