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A significant portion of all contracts involve risks, changes and potential disputes which can easily erode the value and degrade its contract performance objectives. While some risks, changes and potential disputes are inevitable, many are unnecessary and avoidable. The causes of these risks, changes and disputes frequently are rooted in the detail of the tender packages and its associated contract. This can affect the profitability, reputation, market share and image of both the customer and contractors, as tenders result in buying the wrong services and materials at the wrong prices.

This workshop will equip you with the framework in:

  • Implementing an effective market approach and supply chain analysis
  • Planning a  tender and  establishing a contracting strategy,
  • Managing contract risks and opportunity to gain greater contract values,  as well as
  • Enhancing your contract negotiation skills and effectiveness of managing contract performance.

Workshop Overview

By attending this 3 days workshop, delegates will learn how to understand the markets and supply chains, how to avoid mistakes during tender process, how to effectively manage the contractperformance, as well as how to negotiate collaboratively for the best outcome of the contracts.  The course will also deeply cover how to effectively manage Contracts to support Project EPC execution.

In addition participants will learn the tools to perform a systematic approach to resolve contractual conflicts or disputes. Participants can obtain a closer examination of some of the types of contracts, major clauses which are highly encountered in contracts within oil and gas industry such as warranties and guarantees, risk identification and allocation, change and variation clauses, indemnity, and hold harmless clauses, renegotiation clauses and force majeure clauses.

The sessions will include highly interactive practical exercises, group discussions, mock negotiations and ample opportunities to allow participants to bring forward their own industry examples. You will walk away with a whole new perspective on PSCM, tendering, contracting strategy and gaining a powerful negotiation knowledge base that will be applicable with regards to your daily job requirements.

Workshop Participants

This course is designed to best fit for manager, supervisor and engineer level of PSCM Management Team, Project Management Team of Energy, Oil & Gas and Mining companies and its services Contractors

Workshop Outline

Principles of Procurement & Supply Chain Management (PSCM)

  • Procurement,  Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
  • Market Power quadrant
  • PSCM Portfolio Analysis & Strategy
  • PSCM  and Contracting Cycles

Contracting Cycle, Strategy and Development

  • Contracting strategy  & African Flag Contracts Map
  • Contract Package Preparation
  • Work Scope Statement
  • Bidding Process
  • Bid Evaluation Criteria
  • OE & Awarding Contract

Managing Contract  Risks & Performance

  • Maximizing Contract Value
  • Risks & Opportunity workshop
  • Contract  Performance Management Key Elements
  • Performance Based Contracting
  • Performance Progress Monitoring and Control
  • Payment and Milestones

Contract Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

  • Negotiation in Contract
  • Negotiation Source of power, Tactics, BATNA, ZOPA
  • PIOC Focus (Problem, Interest, Option, Criteria)
  • Dispute resolution

Contract Major Clauses, Completion & Close Out

  • Force Majeure, Liquidated Damage, Warranty, Acceptance, etc
  • Contract completion & Close out
  • Contract Post Mortem & Lesson Learnt

Study Case & Workshop:

  • Pre Test
  • Market & Portfolio Case
  • Contracting Strategy Case
  • Tender & Bid Evaluation Case
  • Contract Negotiation Case
  • Contractor  Performance Meeting Case
  • Post Test

Free Takeaway!

Quick Reference Guides:

  • RFx
  • Contract Terms & Glossary
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Incoterms 2000 Quick Reference
  • Contract  Types & Risks Guidelines
  • Practical Guides  and Articles of Tender and Contracting Strategy
  • Dangerous Words and Phrases Chart to Streamline Contract Reviews

Issue-Spotting Tools:

  • OE tools
  • Risks Tools
  • Some negotiation video clips to shape your negotiation skills.

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Salam Hangat


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