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Descriptions IT Governance Architecture

The issues, opportunities and challenges of effectively governing an organization’s Information Technology (IT) demands and resources has become a major concern of the Board and executive management in enterprises on a global basis.

Therefore, an integrated and comprehensive approach to the

governance of IT and its resources is becoming critical to more effectively align, invest, measure, deploy and sustain the strategic and tactical direction and value proposition of IT in support of the business.

The  training presents an integrated approach to IT governance and its architecture  by guiding the participant through acomprehensive IT Governance framework and roadmap and its major components, which addresses the

following goals:

  • · Strategic alignment of IT with the business
  • · Responsible utilization of assets and resources
  • · Ensures that IT delivers on its plans and commitments
  • · Establishes and/or improves accountability of all constituents
  • · Manages risks and contingencies proactively
  • · Improves IT accountability, audit-ability, compliance, performance and maturity

The material leverages and integrates current and emerging industry best practices, standards, guidelines and leading company case studies.


Objectives IT Governance Architecture

  • ·Understand the issues, challenges and growing importance of IT governance
  • ·Be able to plan, develop, deploy and sustain an effective IT governance policy, process, techniques and tools
  • ·Manage, evaluate, estimate, prioritize, fund, measure, assign and track requests for IT services
  • ·more consistently and in alignment with the business
  • ·Allocate IT resources to the highest business value add activities (e.g. portfolio investment management)
  • ·Establish and/or improve IT decision rights, ownership and accountability
  • ·Improve organizational performance, responsiveness, reliability , maturity and staff development
  • ·Provide an overview of select current and emerging industry best practices and standards (e.g.
  • ·BCG, ITIM, PMMM, PMBOK, CMMI, ITIL, COBIT, select ISO standards and others
  • ·Improve compliance and audit-ability


Benefits IT Governance Architecture

  • ·Apply the lessons learned to plan, manage, deploy and sustain an effective and robust IT
  • ·Governance framework and its major components
  • ·Be exposed to select current and emerging industry and government best practices and select case studies
  • ·Sharpen and refine your knowledge and competencies
  • ·Understand your role in the IT Governance process, regardless of whether you are a Board member, C level executive, manager or professional
  • ·Help to achieve greater success in participants’
  • ·Know a lot about IT Governance
  • ·Know very little about IT Governance
  • ·Are responsible for developing, enforcing and/or improving some aspect of IT Governance
  • ·Develop a personal action plan for you and your organization to create proactive awareness


Target Audience IT Governance Architecture

The seminar has been designed specifically for Executives (CXOs, VPs, Directors and/or Managers) involved with or responsible for directing, planning and implementing and sustaining an IT governance policy and process.



Course Contents and Descriptions IT Governance Architecture

Executive Summary

  • · Executive’s View of IT
  • · Definition and Purpose of IT Governance
  • · IT Governance Assessment Maturity Model
  • · Integrated IT Governance Framework and Roadmap
  • ·Key Governance Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability
  • · IT Governance Decision Rights
  • · Demand Management
  • · Balanced Score Card for Business and IT
  • · Prerequisites for Creating a Successful IT Governance Program
  • · Future State of IT Governance – A Blueprint Concept

Foundations of IT Governance

  • ·Value propositions from Best-in-Class Companies on Governance
  • ·Key IT Resources and Functions to be Managed
  • ·Three Critical Pillars of IT Governance – Organization/People, Process and
  • ·Technology
  • ·Results of Ineffective IT Governance
  • ·Steps in Making IT Governance Real
  • ·A Generic Governance Process Improvement Model
  • ·· A First Step – Understand Current Maturity of IT Governance

Integrated IT Governance Framework and Roadmap

  • ·Benefits of Using an Integrated IT Governance Framework
  • ·Integrated IT Governance Framework and Roadmap
  • ·Select Examples of Current and Emerging Business/IT Strategy and
  • ·Governance Best Practice Reference Models, Frameworks and Standards

Business/IT Alignment Excellence

  • ·The Board’s Role in Driving Business/ IT Alignment
  • ·Principles of Aligning IT to the Business More Effectively
  • ·Business and IT Plan Integration Flow
  • ·Business and IT Strategy Development Framework and Outline
  • ·IT/Business Alignment & Portfolio Management Triangle
  • ·The Five Stages of IT Investment (Portfolio) Management Maturity
  • ·· IT Engagement (Relationship) Mode

The Continual Service Improvement model

  • Technology and Architecture
  • Revision
  • Mock Examination

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