How to Develop a Business Growth Strategy


Most organizations do some type of long-range or strategic planning, and the formal strategic planning process has been used for over thirty years. However, in a variety of organizations has shown that most strategic planning processes are poorly conceptualized and poorly executed; the strategic plan rarely impacts the day-to-day decisions made in the organization.

To be successful, a strategic planning process should provide the criteria for making organizational decisions at all levels and should provide a template against which all such decisions can be evaluated.



Objectives :

  • The ability to formulate organizational mission and vision.
  • The ability to conduct organizational external analysis.
  • The ability to perform organizational internal analysis.
  • The ability to formulate long term objectives.
  • The ability to formulate effective business strategies through strategic thinking
  • An understanding of the way to formulate strategic action plan.


Subject Covered :

  • Business Strategy: The Concept and Trends in its Management
  • Strategic Planning Process.
  • Identifying and analyzing the stakeholder.
  • The Business  Mission and Developing a Strategic Vision.
  • Scenario Planning for Turbulence Environments and Fierce Competition.
  • Self Analysis.
  • Evaluating Performance and Setting Objectives
  • The Process of Developing Business Strategies
  • Alternative Business Strategies


Participants :

  • Directors and Senior Executives
  • Senior Manager, Manager and Corporate Planning Staff

Venue Training:

Jogjakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok


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