Training Handling Difficult Customers And Complaints

Descirpstion Training Handling Difficult Customers And Complaints 

In every type of business, you are bound to encounter irate, demanding and unreasonable customers.  Service providers can well appreciate that it is never pleasant to handle irate or irrational customers, even though they know it is important to keep customers happy and satisfied.

This workshop will impart to you the skills of how to handle difficult customer-situations confidently and resolve their complaints effectively, either over the counter or on the telephone.

If you have the ability to practice these valuable communication and problem-solving skills, you will be able to turn most challenging moments into opportunities.  This will certainly help customers to build more trust and confidence in your services.



Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Know what causes people to be difficult and understand if customers are actually difficult
  • Manage your own negative feelings when dealing with difficult customers
  • Identify personality styles and apply effective strategies in handling them
  • Manage difficult customer-situations more professionally
  • Target Audience
  • Service practitioners who have to provide customer service and manage customers’ expectations in various difficult customer-situations.



  1. Experience Positive and Negative Service Encounters
  2. Appreciate Customer Responses and Behavioural Patterns
  3. Understand the Nature of Customer Complaints
  4. Dealing with Different Personality Profiles
  5. Reactions of a Difficult Customer and the Process of Dealing with Them
  6. Understand the Nature of Anger and Techniques of Defusing Anger
  7. Manage Complaints Skillfully Using “CLASS ACT”, Listening and Responding Skills
  8. Handling Criticisms, Fear, Nervousness and Embarrassment

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