Training Gas Pipeline Hydraulic

Course Outline Training Gas Pipeline Hydraulic

  1. Gas properties overview, including viscosity, pressure, compressibility factor and gas laws
  2. How to calculate the compressibility factor of a gas using the Standing-Katz chart
  3. How to calculate the properties of a natural gas mixture
  4. Calculating pressure drop due to friction in a gas pipeline using the General Flow Equation
  5. Use of other gas pipeline pressure drop equations, including Panhandle A, Panhandle B, Weymouth and the IGT equation.
  6. Friction factor and transmission factors used in gas pipeline pressure drop equations
  7. Gas pipeline velocity and erosion velocity calculations
  8. Calculation of pressure drop in long pipelines by subdividing into short segments
  9. The use of compressor stations and pipeline looping to increase gas throughput
  10. Compressor station fundamental calculations, including compression ratio, efficiency and horsepower
  11. Calculation of allowable pipe pressure using design factors based on the location of the pipeline and its proximity to populated areas


  1. Maintenance Engineer/ Superintendent/ Supervisor
  2. Rotating Engineer/ Superintendent/Supervisor
  3. Power Plant Engineer/ Superintendent/ Supervisor.
  4. Everybody who wants to add knowledge and interest in the above subject


Lecturing, workshop, interactive discussion, sharing and case study.

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