Training Flange And Joint Integrity

Decription Training Flange And Joint Integrity

In the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, compressors play important role to support all facilities and process that require pressurized gases. Furthermore, air or gas leakage is not acceptable since it affecting on productivity or safety. Hence compressor flange joint integrity should be taken into account.

The reliability of the flanged joint depends critically on competent control of the joint making process, alignment, assembly, and its measurement. It is common to put considerable effort into the design process only for improper assembly to lead to joint failure. Therefore it is important that joint making is undertaken by trained and validated technicians who have an understanding of the procedure and the underlying principles and practice.

To achieve better performance on flange joint, it is important to ensure that all individuals with responsibilities in connection with ensuring the safe control of flange joints are trained and validated as competent to undertake these responsibilities. The program is based around a presentation of best practices and utilizes an intelligent bolting system to explain and demonstrate these principles. This unique method allows key areas of joint making e.g. the need to use bolt lubricant, to be clearly understood.

Materi Training Flange And Joint Integrity

  1. Introduction to compressor alignment and assembly
  2. Flange Joint Preparation and Assembly
  3. Flange design and standard
  4. Bolt and bolt joint
  5. Bolt and flange strength
  6. Stress Analysis and Tightening Joints
  7.  Load control vs torque control
  8. Load and torque measurement
  9. Intelligent bolt control
  10. Protection and Maintenance

Metode Training Flange And Joint Integrity

Presentasi, Diskusi , Studi Kasus

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