In this training we all have to make presentations to colleagues, to management and to constituents. But, if you do presentations, are you getting the message across effectively? Do you have simple, easy to use tools to prepare a presentation, when so many other things are pressing on your time?

Many people have excellent ideas. They have the enthusiasm. But when they stand up, they lose them both.No skill opens more doors, creates more visibility or motivates more effectively.This course is the solution!

It will assist you in developing your confidence and skills to be more courageous and dynamic in your presentations. The overall thrust is to help participants communicate naturally, to be ‘themselves’ on their feet.



At the end of the course participants will:

  1. Know how to structure and deliver an effective, exciting presentation.
  2. Feel more confident and at ease on their feet.
  3. Have received individual coaching and advice on all aspects of their presentation skills.



  1. 7 Aspects of a Dynamic Presentation
  2. How to overcome nervous tension and apprehension. How to prepare notes which are easy to use.
  3. How to structure a presentation. How to build the central theme.
  4. How to keep people on the edge of their seats. What’s missing when people are bored.
  5. How to sell on your feet. Techniques which motivate the audience to accept your idea/product/service.
  6. The importance of enthusiasm. It’s a fact of life: how we say things is often more important than what we say. How to close for action.
  7. How to use stories, analogies and examples to breathe life and fun into your presentation.
  8. How to answer questions, how to deal with hecklers and whisperers. How to use your eyes. Good eye communication builds confidence and trust.
  9. How and when to use visual aids – PowerPoint, flipcharts & visualizers. How to use your hands to illustrate, reinforce and punctuate. How to stand. How to move.
  10. How to use your voice. Pitch, pause and pace. The importance of warming your voice up before a presentation.


People who want to make presentations, but also who are experienced in making presentations. In addition, people who want a refreshing way to save preparation time but at the same time be more dynamic are also welcome.


Kami dapat menyelenggarakan Pelatihan DYNAMIC PRESENTATION SKILLS secara publik ataupun inhouse training di seluruh wilayah indonesia . Untuk mendapatkan info pelatihan DYNAMIC PRESENTATION SKILLS serta mendaftarkan diri anda mengikuti pelatihan DYNAMIC PRESENTATION SKILLS yang akan kami selenggarakan, anda dapat mengirim surel di email kami atau anda dapat pula mengisi formulir pra registrasi yang tersedia dibawah ini.

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