Training Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Fundamental

DESCRIPTION Training Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Fundamental:

Provides view to general questions toward Distributed Control System (DCS), such as: How and why DCS evolved? What hardware is used in DCS? And Many more. Compares distributed control to traditional single loop, central computer, PLC and PC architectures.


You will be able to:

  1. Understand the concept of DCS
  2. Explain the components, architectures, operation of DCS and hardware in DCS
  3. Apply concepts body/mind reaction to audio and visuals symbols to meaningful human machine interfaces
  4. Evaluate and justify potential benefits of DCS to improve productivity
  5. Examine evolution of process control to face changing needs


  1. Understanding of Distributed Computing
  2. Comparison of Current System Philosophies
  3. Controller Structure
  4. Sequential and Batch Control
  5. Operator Interface
  6. Alarms and Trending
  7. Communication Protocol
  8. Communication Networks & Topology
  9. Control Strategy and Configuration
  10.  System Security
  11. Implementation for Industrial Control

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