Training DCS (Distributed Control System)

Training DCS (Distributed Control System) OBJECTIVE

After completing this course, participants will be able to understand the principles of maintenance and troubleshooting of DCS hardware and software, diagnose DCS component status, and also manage and respond to process interface including Operation and Monitoring. Tobe able to program, to develop monitoring interface system. Engineering programming including Function Block and Human Machine Interface , access operator interface display, to manipulate various control modules, operate system trending, manage and respond to process alarm/event, monitor process performance, view real-time and historical trend data, diagnose DCS component status, etc .


  1. DCS Introduction
  2. DCS Hardware Component and architecture
  3. Hardware Installations and Design
  4. Hardware Commissioning
  5. Software Feature Exploring
  6. Hardware General Problem and Troubleshooting
  7. DCS Diagnostic
  8. Function Block Programming and I/O Addressing system and wiring
  9. DCS Programming
  10. PID Regulatory Control Programming
  11. PID Tuning
  12. Human Machine Interface(HMI System)
  13. Alarm Management system
  14. Process and Event Historical
  15. DCS Security

Kami dapat menyelenggarakan Public Training ataupun inhouse Training DCS (Distributed Control System) di seluruh wilayah indonesia. Untuk mendapatkan info training DCS (Distributed Control System) serta mendaftarkan diri anda mengikuti training DCS (Distributed Control System) yang akan kami selenggarakan, anda dapat mengirim surel di email kami atau anda dapat pula mengisi formulir pra registrasi yang tersedia dibawah ini. 

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