Training Control & Choke Valves

TRAINING INTRODUCTION Training Control & Choke Valves:

This course is developed for engineers and technicians who need to have a practical knowledge of selection, installation  of choke and control valves. It is for those primarily involved in achieving effective results in industrial processes. This would involve the design, specification and implementation of control and measurement equipment. The workshop focuses on practical applications, with special attention to installation considerations and application limitations when selecting or installing different control valves.



The latest educational methods and strategies will be employed. The course is designed to maximise benefit from the outset. Questions are encouraged throughout, to provide participants with the opportunity to discuss with the presenter and others, specific problems and appropriate solutions. All delegates take away a detailed and comprehensive copy of the materials, and practical exercise using software will be provided to ensure knowledge retention.



  1. Basic physical properties
  2. Fundamental of measurement
  3. Fundamentals of flow characteristics
  4. Valve types
  5. Pressure valve
  6. Actuator
  7. Control valves
  8. Realistic Control valves
  9. Pressure drop
  10. Flow equations
  11. Fundamental valve sizing
  12. Sizing for liquid
  13. Sizing for gas
  14. Control valve selection
  15. Installation
  16. Standards
  17. Choke Valves

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