Training Comercial Contract Drafting And Management

INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Comercial Contract Drafting And Management :

In business, exchange of interests between the two parties is common activities. The problem arises when the exchange of these interests must take place in proportion, mutual benefit, and not one-sided or unbalanced. From the point of view, the law of contract plays a crucial role as guarantor of the principle of proportionality into force throughout the contract process, from negotiation, formation, and implementation of the agreement or contract. To minimize disputes, the parties involved need to have knowledge of contract management. This training is a map pointing the way for the parties involved in contracts to manage contracts better.



After this training the participants are expected to understand the ways to manage the contract properly.



Legal supervisors / legal staff or parties involved in the management contract


  1. Introduction:
    a. The term and definition of Design Contract
    b. Legal Resources Design Contract
    c. Objectives (Mission) Design Contract
  2. Contract
    a. Terms and Understanding Contracts
    b. Contract Law Principles
    c. Terms of Legal Contracts
    d. Elements of Contract
    e. End of Contract
    f.  Various kinds of contracts
  3. Principles and Factors In The Design Contract
    a. Principles of Design Contract
    b. Factors In The Design Contract
  4. Phase-Phase Design Contract
    a. Pre-contract
  • Memorandum of Undersatnding (MoU)
  • Feasibility study
  • Negotiation

b. Contract

  • Writing scripts contract
  •  Signing

c. Post-contract

  • Implementation
  • Interpretation
  • Settlement of disputes
  1. Structure and Anatomy of Contract
    a. Title;
    b. Opening;
    c. Contents;
    d. Closure
    e. Attachment


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