Background Pelatihan Business Process Architecture

What does Business Architecture mean to your organization? How do you enable it to create value for the organization? What pieces need to be in place to ensure its success? What skills and techniques need to accompany a successful BA effort? An organization’s business model, goals, organizational structure and other constraints need to be considered when looking at how business architecture can become a value-added, business-focused discipline within the organization.

The above questions and many others need to be carefully considered while embarking on the journey of creating a business architecture within your organization.

This one-day overview course addresses these questions and considerations by discussing business architecture fundamentals and the array of different ways that today’s organizations are moving ahead with their Business Process Architechture efforts.


Objectives Pelatihan Business Process Architecture


 Audience Training Business Process Architecture:

 Contents Pelatihan Business Process Architecture

  1. What is Enterprise/Information Technology Architecture (EA)?
  2. Current State and Future Directions of the IT Industry
  3. EA Components
  4. EA Implementation Plan Examples
  5. A Comparison of the Top Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies


Methods Pelatihan Business Process Architecture


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