Training Alarm & Protective Devices

DESKRIPSI Training Alarm & Protective Devices

Safety is most important criteria in any condition including working area. Fail safe concept should be implemented to guarantee that activities done in safe system. Meanwhile, when devices or system tend to run in unsafe condition, warning or alarm system should work to prevent thing from worst condition. Moreover protection system should provide protection for people around the circumference area from any harmful condition.



This training will discuss about the fail safe concept, basic of early warning, alarm, and protective devices to let operators knows how they are principally work.



  1. Introduction to Basic Alarm Technology
  2. Fault Detection & Prevention in Real Time
  3. Industrial Safety
  4. Fail and Fool Proof Concept
  5. Alarm Basics
  6. Security System Components,
  7. Zones,
  8. Wiring Basics,
  9. Input Devices: Infra Red, Wireless / Radio Frequency, Initiating Device
  10. Output Devices: Controlled by the panel, visual, audible or both, local or remote
  11. System Communications:



Engineer or operator in fire department, control and instrument system department, maintenance department.


Presentasi, Diskusi , Studi Kasus

Kami dapat menyelenggarakan Public Training ataupun inhouse Training Alarm & Protective Devices di seluruh wilayah indonesia. Untuk mendapatkan info training Alarm & Protective Devices serta mendaftarkan diri anda mengikuti training Alarm & Protective Devices yang akan kami selenggarakan, anda dapat mengirim surel di email kami atau anda dapat pula mengisi formulir pra registrasi yang tersedia dibawah ini. 

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