Training Advanced Flow Measurement

Training Advanced Flow Measurement Description:

Flow is one of four major variables that can be found in industries. As flow has different characteristics compared to pressure, level or temperature, it is necessary to understand behavior, type of flow, selection of sensors and transducers and also type of control valve for control purposes. In many application, it is necessary to determine the magnitude and/or direction of the flow-velocity at a point in the fluid and how this varies from point to point. Sometimes the qualitative information is sufficiently available from direct visual observation. However, most methods also allow quantitative analysis by inserting velocity probes to obtain accurate point measurements. Flow measurement and instrumentation training program will present type of probes, measurement methods, analysis, flow control system and its elements.


After  completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Know the concept of flow measurement
  2. Know the principles of flow measurement
  3. List different methods in flow measurement
  4. Types of flow sensors
  5. Know types of control valves
  6. Know the selection of control valves
  7. Know configuration  in flow control systems
  8. Explain basic configuration of flow control


The latest educational methods and strategies will be employed. The course is designed to maximise benefit from the outset. Questions are encouraged throughout, to provide participants with the opportunity to discuss with the presenter and others, specific problems and appropriate solutions. All delegates take away a detailed and comprehensive copy of the materials, and practical excercises using software will be provided to ensure knowledge retention.



  1. Basic physical properties
  2. Fundamental of measurement
  3. Fundamentals of gas and liquid process measurement
  4. Field instruments and performance
  5. Mechanical flowmeters
  6. Mass flowmeters
  7. Electronics flowmeters
  8. Ultrasonic flowmeters
  9. Design and selection using software
  10. . Installation
  11.  Flow measurement using Standards
  12.  Class and lab work

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