Training 4G LTE RF Planning

DESCRIPTION Training 4G LTE RF Planning :

LTE offers significant improvements over previous mobile wireless systems in terms of data speeds and capacity, through the use of technologies such as OFDMA and multiple antenna techniques. However, these gains are realized only with careful planning and design in the LTE Radio Access Network (RAN), to maximize the efficiency of available RF spectrum. This hands-on workshop guides participants through the theory and practice of RF planning and design for LTE RANs. Participants will apply their understanding of the LTE air interface physical structure and related concepts to calculate the link budgets to support the market coverage and performance requirements, and to determine optimal network parameter settings. Participants will use actual planning inputs and a coverage prediction tool for exercises to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios, and the class concludes with a certification assessment.



  • Apply a consistent process to radio network planning and design
  • Measurements to assess LTE RAN RF performance
  • Map network requirements to corresponding system parameters
  • Construct uplink/downlink link budgets to meet specific performance requirements
  • Use coverage and capacity requirements to determine the optimal radio network design
  • Exploit multiple antenna techniques to optimize coverage and performance
  • Determine optimal LTE configuration and operational parameter settings to maximize system performance




  • TheoriticalSession 1: Coverage Dimensioning
    • DL Link Budget & Parameters
    • Operating Band
    • Channel Bandwidth
    • Transmitter: eNodeB
    • Receiver: UE
    • UL Link Budget & Parameters
    • Transmitter – Handset Receiver Examples
  • Theoritical Session 2: Capacity Dimensioning
    • Number of user
    • User density
    • Services and type
    • Penetration : building, vehicular, pedestrian
    • BHCA and call duration
    • OBQ
    • Site calculation
  • Practical Session 1: Data Preparation for LTE Design
    • Heights map
    • Clutter map
    • Vector map
    • Coordinate system
    • Network data setting
    • Sites table
  •  Practical Session 2: Modelling an LTE Network
    • Antenna parameters setting
    • Transmitters parameters setting
    • Cells parameters setting
    • MIMO Settings
    • ICIC Settings
    • Smart Antenna Settings
    • Propagation model
    • SPM propagation model
    • Set the propagation model for each transmitter
    • Automatic calibration of the Cost-Hata model
    • Set the propagation model for each transmitter


  • Practical Session 3: LTE Predictions
    • Setting the Computation Zone
    • Propagation and prediction studies calculation
    • Best server prediction
    • Coverage by Signal Level prediction
    • Overlapping Zones prediction
  • Practical Session 4: Neighbour, Frequency & Physical Cell ID Allocation
    • Automatic Neighbours Allocation
    • Automatically Allocation Feature
    • Automatic Frequency Allocation
    • Automatic PCI Allocation
  • Practical Session 5: Traffic model Simulation
    • Services
    • Mobility types
    • Terminals
    • User profile environments
    • User profile densities
    • Sector traffic map
    • User density traffic map (no of user/km)
    • Subscriber list
  • Practical Session 6: Point Analysis function
    • Profile
    • Reception
    • Interference
    • Details
    • Other prediction studies



  • Presentation
  • Simulation
  • Software support
  • Discuse and study case


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