If you’re frustrated by all the time-wasting aggravation that whiners, back-stabbers, know-it-alls, foot-draggers and other negative personalities cause in your workplace, this insightful one-day workshop is for you! Find out why difficult people behave the way they do, and discover a powerful set of coping strategies that will help you deal with them more easily ­ and with better results ­ than you ever dreamed possible.

You’ll learn how to identify and handle the 10 most common types of difficult people, how to neutralize the typical tactics and weapons difficult people use, and how to minimize the effects of negative behavior.


  1. Identify and effectively handle the 10 most common types of difficult people
  2. Understand what really triggers difficult people to behave so negatively
  3. Neutralize the typical tactics and weapons difficult people use
  4. Minimize ­ even eliminate ­ the negative effects of difficult behavior
  5. Anticipate the negative actions of others and avoid being caught off-guard
  6. Maintain your cool when difficult people become hostile or rude
  7. Avoid verbal hooks and “vibes” that invite difficult behavior
  8. Persuade even the most difficult person to see things your way
  9. Deal successfully with confrontation using the S-U-C-C-E-S-S formula
  10. Turn confrontations into constructive steppingstones that lead to conflict resolution
  11. Meet negative behavior head-on without adding fuel to the fire
  12. Change the attitudes of difficult people using a proven formula
  13. Understand why difficult people resist others’ ideas and opinions ­ and use it to your advantage!
  14. Conquer even the strongest resistance using a 7-step strategy
  15. Learn from every difficult encounter so that they become fewer ­ and easier to handle


  1. Understand what motivates the difficult people you work with
  2. The 10 classic types of difficult people and how to live with them
  1. The 5 ways people think: deal with thoughts before they become actions
  1. Why do difficult people resist others’ ideas and opinions? Here are answers you can put to use immediately
  2. Predicting and preparing for difficult encounters-you can be ready
  3. 5 dangerous misconceptions in opening the lines of communication
  4. Could you be part of the problem? Learn the steps to going into a situation with reasonable expectations
  5. Are you avoiding the verbal hooks and “vibes” that invite difficult behavior?
  6. Meeting difficult behavior head-on – without adding fuel to the fire
  7. 3 ways to bring out the best response in a person
  8. Spotting communications failure while you can still avoid it
  9. Antagonism and conflict not your strong suit? Use this proven action plan for confrontation
  10. Keeping your head…your cool…and your control
  11. Have you tried the formula for changing the attitudes of difficult people? Now’s the time
  12. How to use the success formula for dealing with confrontations
  13. Things getting really hard to handle? Here’s how to stay in control
  14. How to use your anger as a powerful and positive tool
  15. Can’t seem to get through? Use the 5 steps to meaningful idea exchange
  16. 7 keys to conquering the strongest resistance
  17. Finding and eliminating the root problem in any conflict
  18. Altering negative behavior-with positive results
  19. You can minimize-even eliminate-the likelihood of difficult encounters
  20. The keys to making disagreeable behavior agreeable
  21. 3 essentials of persuasion that work
  22. The key that will soften even the hardest heart
  23. Criticism can work, and work powerfully! You can make it happen
  24. Learn from every difficult encounter so that they become fewer-and easier to handle
  25. The 3-step method of working through a situation to permanently resolve conflict
  26. Feel like a loser after a difficult encounter? Here’s how to neutralize those feelings
  27. Dealing with potentially difficult situations before they get out of hand


  1. Supervisors, managers and department heads
  2. Team leaders
  3. Anyone who wants to deal more effectively with negative, hard-to-work-with people who are making everyone miserable!

Venue Training:

Jogjakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok

Thus we submit, for your attention, we thank you.

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